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Our Team

After more than five years of successful business our team consists of 40 professionals of IT development educated in the best Russian Universities. This allows us to perform work of almost any complexity. The most employees possess a good knowledge of English, what makes direct communication between customers and developers possible.

These years of our joint efforts have shown that our team possesses a great potential. Regardless of the project or product we are developing, we always manage to come up with adequate technical design, original features, advanced functionality, good quality and original presentation. All of the above is possible because the whole team is striving to achieve the best for each aspect of our business.

Executive Director

Executive Director is the company’s leader. He is responsible for client relationship management, co-ordination of all projects, process improvement, strategic planning, organization of work process, service quality, forming developers’ teams for specific project in accordance with specialists’ qualification and customers’ requests and common organizational tasks.

Project Managers

Project Managers are the key figures in the process of development and implementation of projects. The project’s fortune depends of their experience, qualification and competence. Their duties are the leadership of a project on the whole, planning of development, control for the execution of assigned tasks within appropriate schedules and customers’ requests. Project Managers have possibility to communicate with customers that makes possible to respond quickly to any possible changes, get into a contact with clients, and quickly solve different problems. Such contact increases the effectiveness of project, promotes the improvement of completed product’s quality. They work towards improving the profitability of projects. Our Project managers take responsibility for resource allocation, technical documentation, configuration management, review of test cases from quality engineers and ensure adherence to standards.

Development team

The specialists worked in our company are highly skilled developers with a big experience of work with different technologies. They specify, create, modify, maintain and test significant software components that are part of the larger project. Our specialists are consistent with adjusted standards, work exactly in accordance with customers’ requests. All of them have a high level of the English language’s knowledge and this makes it possible to have a direct contact with the customers by means of modern Internet technologies for solving the problems.


How does the product look like, what feelings does a person have when use it, is one of the most important product’s feature. The same situation is with our projects. They create the interface elements of the project. They are also responsible for ensuring the usability of the solution. Their purpose is to create a bright, harmonious image of business-application that is capable of refining functionality developed by programmers with graphic ideas.

Quality Testers

Product’s quality is a result of company's work. That’s why we pay special attention to the careful testing of our products. The quality testers verify and validate the project to meet requirements, analyze and document the results of such verification.

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