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DEVELOPMENT The Dedicated Development Team Methodology
Project Methodology
Team Methodology

Our well-defined, 6-step methodology has been evolved based on our development experience of numerous projects. 

STEP 1:   Project Team Creation.
Scope Agreement sign off.
Need to identify key team members for project.

STEP 2:   Project Information Transition.

The main goal for this phase is to understand the client requirements, business processes, company standards, the specific systems IT environment as well as the approach that will be used. It's a huge learning curve.

STEP 3:   Process Definition.

Perform customization of the methodology for the client specific requirements.

STEP 4:   Preparation for Project Execution.

Simulate client IT environment at the development Center.
Review and confirm the Service Level Agreements.
Build the Infrastructure (IT, software and physical).
Set up the development team.
Metric-defined training of the Development team.

STEP 5:   Project Execution.

Start executing project according to the project plan for the first 6 month period.

STEP 6:   Review the project deliverables and identify the weak areas of the implementation.
Implement the feedback.
Have the first year Service Agreement review.

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