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PORTFOLIO MaintWay System
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The MaintWay System is a groupware application for sharing and managing tasks in an organization (task management system). Its main purpose is to allow employers to keep track of the work that should be done on a specified time interval.

The MaintWay System is a web based work request module which allows both internal (intranet users) and external (internet users) the ability to create a work requests for maintenance works which can be turned into work orders and various inspections.

The MaintWay System will be used in different areas such as service centers, technical equipment maintenance etc., therefore the system has very flexible settings. The system is able to work with three different databases: SQL server 2005/2000, Oracle 10g and Sybase ASA9 and has simple installation and setup interface.

Project Duration:  1 year
Programming man-hours:  7500

Used Technologies:

ASP.NET 2.0 (aspx pages, HttpHandlers etc)
Ajax.NET, Cross-browser X Lib
ADO.NET. Oracle 10g, SQL server 2000/2005, Sybase ASA9
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
ADO.NET. Oracle 10g, SQL server 2000/2005, Sybase ASA9
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
ADO.NET. Oracle 10g, SQL server 2000/2005, Sybase ASA9


Main Features:

Web part

The main features of system interface:

  • Entering the data (settings, directories etc.)
  • Users, groups and their rights management
  • General system setting (regional standards, default values, mailing list setup, labels customization in the context of forms, help customization)
  • Creating new orders (requests) for job/service by operators, administrators and users
  • Reporting using html, css
  • System integration with available systems for conversion of all modules to new technologies
  • External machines list generation and receiving commands/data from them
  • Significant events tracking and generation of reports that could be sent to the user signed for them
  • System interface setting for each user by CSS and ASP.NET themes
  • 3 search types: Simple, Standard and Advanced Search


ActivityService part

This is Windows Service that has the following features:

  • Database status control
  • Ability to automatically send and forward the same Work Request for approval to a second or third default supervisor if there is no response in a set amount of time from the default or first supervisor.


SoapService part

This is Web service that is intended for data-feedback between the web-application and previous client-server application, data synchronization. Authentication is realized via Soap headers.


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