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Developing and support of the STRAQ Paper project was started in the middle of 2005 for RFTRAQ Ltd and is still in progress.

The STRAQ Paper application provides the facility to track newsprint throughout its life cycle from call-off, delivery into the roll store and through to consumption on the printing press. While maintaining accurate stock levels, the STRAQ Paper also reports on paper and supplier performance and web breaks.

Project Duration:  2 years
Programming man-hours:  ~30000

Read more about RFTRAQ

Used Technologies:

.NET 2.0, .NET 3.0
Web services
Adobe Flex
ASP.NET, ActiveXcomponents on web page

Main Features:


All subsystems except for ActivityService enable creating additional users or user groups with limited access to the subsystem functions.


Web part

The main features of system interface:

  • Entering the data (settings, directories etc.)
  • Creating new deliveries, jobs, usages etc.
  • Report review and upload in pdf, doc and exl format
  • Specification and setting of subordinate sites for data replication
  • Configuration and setting of data import into the system using EDI
  • External machines list generation and receiving commands/data from them
  • Significant events tracking and generation of reports that could be sent to the user signed for them
  • System interface setting for each user
  • Saving the user activity history
  • Multi-language interface with an opportunity to add any new language
  • Embedded capability to create backup and database repository, opportunity to data upload over a specified period of time



This is Windows service installed on server that handles periodic tasks.

The main tasks:

  • Automatic data import from external files
  • Data replication from the subordinate servers-sites
  • System licenses verifying
  • Interaction with external printing presses and handling of tasks coming from them



This is a subsystem for STRAQ Paper system installation.

The main features:

  • Functions as a Web-application
  • Enables installation of STRAQ Paper system on server over the Web interface
  • Ability to download system update archives from the specified Internet server
  • Saving the version installation history and errors arisen
  • In case of unsuccessful upgrade to a newer version SingleUpdate enables the return to the previous version without data loss
  • Ability to work on the discrete WEB and DBMS servers
  • WindowsInstaller is to use for SingleUpdate installation


Licensing Module

This is a subsystem for issue of licenses for STRAQ Paper system.

System features:

  • Functions as a Web-application
  • Enables storage of information on all STRAQ Paper customers and their licenses


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