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PORTFOLIO Tax Calculation
Tax Calculation

The Tax Calculation is a program for completing the Tax return form. This application allows to complete different types of tax return form.

The calculation of tax sum is made in the real-time mode. Change of the information even in one of fields conducts to recalculation of the sum. The program contains context-dependent means of the help and gives to the user an opportunity to add notes to the fields.

The user has an opportunity to complete a tax return by directly entering their data to the forms by using different modules. The completed tax return form may be sent to the tax inspectorate server at once. Data transfer is realized with secure protocol which guarantees the data confidentiality. The program has a context-sensitive help facility which gives user an immediate answer in case of need. There is a possibility for the user to add notes to the fields.

Project Duration:  5 years
Programming man-hours:  19200

Used Technologies:

MS Visual C++

Main Features:

Tax Calculation helps individuals and individuals within a partnership complete their tax return. This application can be used for big or small businesses either through a partnership or a limited liability company, it helps anyone who needs to complete a Trust Tax Return as a trustee or as a personal representative/executor of an estate.

Tax Calculation includes:

  • Facsimile onscreen forms for the user to complete.
  • Simple data transfer from previous year calculations.
  • Printing the tax return in original form.
  • Ability to apply 'Rounding' to the entries.
  • Data export to MS Word and MS Excel
  • ‘What If function’: forecasting of the next year calculations
  • The application contains all necessary documentation.
  • The application contains a client manager that allows managing more than one tax profile.
  • Prepares necessary forms for individuals, businesses and companies, each with own calculation rules.
  • Ability to attach PDF files to the tax return.
  • A client manager to manage multiple tax return profiles at one time.
  • Complex calculations for capital gains with rules spanning many years.
  • Bring forward all Wizard Data from previous year.
  • Online and paper filing is enabled.
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