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PORTFOLIO Asset Management Platform (AMP)
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The AMP project is being developed for RFTRAQ Ltd. The Asset Management Platform is intended for remote asset tracking using wireless RFID technologies. The AMP system allows to capture, transmit and store information about assets, e.g. motor vehicles, transportable goods etc., which are electronically tagged using active radio frequency transmitters.

In addition to key information additional information may be also captured, for example, the temperature of the asset, the technical data of the material like length, weight or type. Information about an asset is captured at some key locations along the asset road using unique remote 'readers'. Collected information is transmitted via Internet to a central system storage server where it may be further analyzed.

There was realized an integration with GPS supervisory control system within the bounds of AMP project. The asset location can be tracked real time using received GPS longitude-latitude and the GoogleMap service.

Project Duration:  2 years
Programming man-hours:  ~30000

Read more about RFTRAQ

Used Technologies:

ASP.NET 2.0 (aspx pages, HttpHandlers etc.)
Atlas library (ASP.NET AJAX Library)
.NET 2.0 for ActiveX objects
JavaApplets using AXIS 2 library
MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2005
GoogleMap API
Crystal reports
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Crystal reports
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Mono 2 (for Service only)
Custom threading

Main Features:

Web part

WEB part is the prime system interface that enables:

  • Storing and review of assets relocation data
  • Entering the data (settings, directories etc.)
  • RFID-tags tracking
  • RFID-tags status tracing
  • The RFID-tags relocation analysis
  • Creating reports in HTML/PDF format
  • Users, groups and their rights management
  • The real-time assets relocation tracing
  • Events tracking
  • The remote data interaction via SoapService
  • The look and feel of a program setup for each user


ActivityService part

This is Windows Service that works on the server side and has the following features:

  • Broadcast of system events reports
  • Generation of periodic user specified reports and their email in PDF format
  • Data import from the third systems via POP3/FTP protocol


Straq.Director suite

This is a WinForms suite for working with RFID-tags Readers.
The Straq.Director suite includes:

  • Service. The Service captures key information from RFID Readers and sends it to the central server via Internet using SoapService. It is able to work using modem and via GPRS network, supports serial and TCP Readers. There are two versions of Service – “Windows .NET 2.0 ” and “Linux Mono 2 ”. It works with other Straq.Director applications over Remoting and has a self-upgrade function.
  • Configurator. This is a WinForms application that enables the visual Service configuration.
  • Monitor. This is a WinForms application that enables to control Service activity, view errors, keep track of via the RFID transmitted data and monitor the use of resources.
  • ServiceManager. WinForms application that enables service management (starting, pausing, stopping, scanning the logs).
  • WEB monitor. WEB - based monitor.


SoapService part

It is intended for the remote activity of the following programs – ActiveX objects, JavaApplet, Straq.Director. SoapService part allows to remotely handle data on server via HTTP/HTTPS, supports gzip compression.


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