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RFTRAQ is a UK-based technology company specialising in delivering practical end to end solutions in industrial environments aimed at improving business KPI's, or Key Performance Indicators, to drive very significant savings for its clients. RFTRAQ boasts a wide variety of proprietary platforms for asset, equipment and machine monitoring & management; it designs and manufacturers it own Active RFID tags and readers. RFTRAQ has designed a number of unique engineering products for both logistics and production applications, and has over 20 patents applied for, with 4 granted to date, in relation to many of its market-leading solutions.

Whilst we have some of the most technically feature-rich Active RFID hardware and software in the world today, our key objective is the gathering of data to enhance our solutions -- improving the quality, speed and accuracy of information to the business, leading to:

improved efficiency of production machinery whether it be raw materials or finished goods;
reduced wastage as part of the production processes;
the tracking and auditing of waste and waste disposal;
improved efficiencies in logistics and supply chain management;
security of goods and assets and their handling;
compliance with health & safety and related legislation;
reduced CO2 emissions and compliance with the growing level of environmental legislation.

Please visit us at to see how we can help your business.

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